The Low Frequency Pond

Experimental bass instrument showing audiovisual phenomena

What is it?
The Low Frequency Pond is an interactive bass instrument that allows its user to generate visual phenomena based on sound. This type of sound invoked visuals is better known as cymatics. By playing on the bass strings attached to the instrument the user will experience cymatic reactions in the water pond that is placed in the center of the instrument. This instrument is meant for educating people about the closely connected multimodalities between our visual and auditory senses. To build this instrument I used an arduino to recieve data from 4 pick-up microphones attached closely to 4 bass strings. When the instrument is played the arduino picks up the signal from the microphones, which triggers a bass sound to be played into the water pond.

What I did?
I researched cymatic phenomena and did experiments to see if it was possible to recreate cymatic interactions. I designed the wooden box with a 3D laser cutter and attached all parts to the box. I coded the arduino sensors using max/msp.