Interface Design Prototyping Idea Development User Research

My T-shaped skillset

User Research (In-Depth skill)
There are many ways to build products, but what defines the success of these products is whether or not it fits the needs of the user. User centric approaches has been at the core of my education following the examples of design pioneers such as Garrett, Schön and Norman. I am an extrovert person, who loves to encounter new people and I thrive when I do qualitative research. Getting to know other people while working is the most exciting thing about design. Through practice I have learned how to find the users pains and gains by constructing the right questions and leading the conversation. Asking "why" questions and taking deep-dives into the emotional and opiniated mind of a user normally leads to essential discoveries in a project. Ideologically I believe User research serves as the strongest argument for building new services.

Idea Development (Broad skill)
The way that I like to build ideas is by using collaborative brainstorm methods. Finding a solution that works in the user perspective as well as in a client perspective is often helped by involving different stakeholders. A proper scoped workshop with a precise design brief and the right people involved can kick things off in a really interesting direction. Collaborative brainstorms are about finding resonation. Building on each others ideas gives a sensation of ownership and this helps a lot, when narrowing down the best solution. When it comes to developing ideas I try to unlock the full creative potential of both colleagues and clients.

Prototyping (Broad skill)
During my studies I created quick mock-ups using carton, paper, scissors and tape. What i build back then always started out analogous. Creating something tangible allows for a great first hand impression of an idea. I have learned that physical things often are helpful even when transforming ideas into digital solutions. Today a lot of the prototyping I do happens in Sketch. I see Sketch as a truely powerful tool for creating useable prototypes that translates into code really easily and when Sketch is combined with user-testing in In-Vision it is truely a unique software taking rapid prototyping to new heights.

Interface Design (Broad skill)
I have always had an eye for aesthetics in both the visual as well as the auditory field. To discover new ways of designing I look at design trends on Pinterest or talk to colleagues. I have proficient skills in user-interface design, mark-up, styling and coding. I have created user-interface elements for the new Siemens patient portal and I have coded new web components for BASF and MAN. I use the skills I have in design and development to communicate product details to the development team in their own language. I am a cross-functional team-player, who works with the purpose of contributing to reach great results, a better work place and with an burning desire to design useable digital products.

Who I am

I am a 28 years old danish guy from a little town called Give in Denmark. The population of this city is around 5000 people, which means everybody knows everybody or knows a relative of a relative. I grew up in this little community on a farm, where I had all the time in the world to wonder what was beyond the borders of the city limits. My longing of experiencing new things and going new places has never left me. As I got older I often went to Copenhagen and eventually ended up living there. Here I found a lot of different people to connect with, which broadened my horizons. During my studies I was fortunate enough to travel a lot. My passport holds a long list of countries, but what perhaps left the biggest impression on me was living in Seoul for 6 months. The dynamic there was something extraordinary and their digital culture something completely different from mine. I believe travelling around the world and working abroad has made me connect better with different types of people and I believe the curiosity of meeting new people has become a big part of who I am. I believe myself to be a social person, who likes to laugh and make others do so as well. If you’re looking for company or would like to get to know me better, you can find my contact information on the contact page or press this button.

Besides my desire to experience new things, I also love to learn about new digital things. The way i gain new knowledge is by reading books, listening and talking to colleagues, chatting with my social network or from articles I read on the net. I like to use the information I collect to build my own arguments and understanding.

Hobby-wise I like to create electronical music. I can spend hours on my drum machine and synths. I also love drawing things. Most of my tattoos are made from my own sketches. Since I moved to Munich I have tried to go skiing as much as possible. The surrounding mountains is one of the reason, why I love living in Munich. Below are some pictures and a short video of a jam session.